PTD Productions, Ypsilanti MI

by Joan Ackermann
August 27 - September 5, 2015

Ice Glen by Joan Ackermann


PTD Productions presents Ice Glen, by Joan Ackermann


Grayson ...................Dennis Platte
Denby ..................... Robin Kallelis
Mrs. Roswell ................ Janet Rich
Sarah Harding .. Christina McKenzie
Dulce Bainbridge ......... Marie Jones
Peter Woodburn ..... Nathan Corliss
Miss Quinbey ...... Stacey Erskineed


Ice Glen is a ravine where winter snow endures throughout the summer, a mini-glacier sheltered by an overhanging cavern.  The path down the ravine is steep and rocky, overgrown with brambles and fallen trees. The reward is not just wilderness and beauty, but paradox: dangerous serenity, ice that is hot to the touch.  

This ravine is near Stonegate, a once grand estate in the Berkshires owned by Dulce Bainbridge, widow of a philanthropist and art patron famous for his hospitality.  This hospitality is extended to Sarah Harding, a poet, who is in need of a place to stay.  Her poems attract the attention of the Bainbridges' friend and neighbor Edith Wharton. Wharton finds Sarah's poems worthy of publication and sends them, unbeknownst to Sarah, to the Atlantic Monthly. Peter Woodburn, the senior editor of the magazine, is deeply moved by Sarah's work and is determined to publish her poems - to introduce Sarah to the world.  Sarah is appalled – the poems are private – his reading of them is an invasion of her psyche.  Dulce, frozen since her husband's death, is attracted to Peter Woodburn, but he can only think of Sarah and her poems.  An unusual love triangle in an even more unusual household, this gentle romantic comedy unfolds with laughter, poetry and deep sensitivity.


   Ice Glen by Joan Ackermann  PTD Productions presents Ice Glen